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Our Mezzanine hosts MON Bar, the best cocktail experience!

Cocktails are our signature and the perfect match for a perfect night.

Our menu is designed to take you on a gastronomic journey through all the different regions of Thailand. Our chef’s cooking styles remain true to the much-loved recipes that have been passed down for generations and to the essence of Thai origins.


Book your next function with us and enjoy an amazing trip to Thailand.


The magical mantras are the soul of every dish and Mon is the hidden place where everyday is a delightful journey.

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An inspired, authentic experience

In Thailand, water plays a major role in people’s daily life.  Paddle boats are used for travelling and trading goods and food which are sold at the traditional floating markets.  In the early 1900’s a small group of Thai people decided to travel further than across the river through the Indian Ocean.  They brought with them a vast legacy of Thai culture, language, traditions, and food that was introduced to Australia, the incredible island continent they made home.


Herbs and spices are the foundation of Thai cuisine.  “Galangal”, Bird Chilli and Thai Basil are not native Australian spices, but with the increase of Thai people in Australia, many cooking styles from different regions of Thailand introduced new flavours and aromas which are the essence of Thai origins and have stayed true to the much-loved recipes that have been passed down for generations.


Mon is also the name of our chef; whose creative spirit inspired the menu.  Her elegant art and cooking techniques helped to create the most exotic flavours and make the dishes unique.  Only fresh and local ingredients are used which gives the house-made sauces and curry paste the taste and aroma of authentic Thai cooking.